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Why Shoot the Lazzeroni LazerHead?


LazerHead Premium Hunting Bullets spend a great deal of time in the field each year enjoying my favorite past time, big game hunting.

Like many of you, I have been continually searching for the optimum hunting bullet.

Generally speaking the most accurate bullets in the world are competition grade, thin jacketed, lead-core target bullets.

However, depending upon the particular target/vldbullet you are using and the size and weight of the animal, their terminal performance on game animals can range from very good to downright terrible.

Premium hunting type bullets, (partitions, x-bullets etc), probably have THE best terminal performance on the animal, but they are not always very accurate.

Many writers in this industry pooh-pooh the idea of long range shooting at animals.

The experienced hunter knows that the shot of a lifetime on a trophy big game animal might occur at 50 yards or 500, you just never know, every shot is different, every hunting situation different from the last.

Wouldn't it be nice to have ONE load that you could go anywhere with, shoot any reasonable distance, and have precision accuracy AND superior terminal performance?

The Lazzeroni LazerHead is the result of my pursuit of perfection in a premium hunting bullet, providing the industry's best combination of long range accuracy and terminal performance on the animal.

It doesn't matter if the animal is 20 yards away or 500,, it doesn't matter if you are shooting a 308 Winchester or one of Lazzeroni's screaming super magnums. The bullet will keep 95% or more of its weight after impact and flat get the job done!

The 30 caliber 150gr LazerHead for instance will outperform the 180gr Nosler Partition after impact and since the muzzle velocity of the 150gr LazerHead will be much higher out of your favorite rifle then the 180gr, it will shoot flatter and arrive at the target with a higher retained velocity. This helps to insure proper bullet expansion, even at the longer ranges.

I chose the 150gr weight for the 30 caliber LazerHead as I feel that it provides the best balance between velocity potential, ballistic coefficient, sectional density, penetration and weight retention.

Balance in my mind is the key, go too far in any direction and you lose performance in another area.

It is this "optimum" balanced approach that I used in choosing the 139gr weight for the .284 caliber and the 185gr weight for the .338 caliber LazerHeads.

In other words a 150gr 30 caliber Lazzeroni LazerHead will outperform most other 180gr jacketed lead bullets, providing more penetration and tissue destruction, along with flatter trajectories.

The LazerHeads are manufactured dimensionally undersized and then brought back to the proper diameter by plating a lubricant to the surface of the bullet, that will never rub off or be affected by any weather condition.

This high tech lubricating process produces less bore fouling (without the excessive residue left behind by moly type lubricants), enhances accuracy and provides for longer barrel life, all without affecting the bullet's terminal performance.

The multiplecannalure rings reduce bullet to barrel land contact area and provide for a more consistent trip down the barrel, thus improving overall accuracy and velocity to pressure ratios.

You will not find a better premium hunting bullet anywhere for any price,,, you have my name on it.

John Lazzeroni
President, Lazzeroni Arms Company

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