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Swarovski & Schmidt and Bender
When you are looking for THE finest hunting rifle scopes built anywhere in the world, you need to look no further than Swarovski & Schmidt & Bender.

The Swarovski 3-18X50 Z6 with 4W reticle & 30mm tube, is what I consider to be the optimal riflescope scope for shots in the field at both short and LONG range when mounted on the Lazzeroni® model 2012 light-weight Mountain rifle.

Swarovski 3-18X50 Z6 Swarovski 3-18X50 Z6

3X magnification on the bottom for the really close or running shots, and 18X on top with dial drop compensator calibrated to 950+ yards (for Lazzeroni calibers 7.21 Firebird and 7.82 Warbird) for the longer ranges.

Swarovski Optik

The Swarovski 4W reticle features windage hold lines on the horizontal cross-hair, to allow for precision killing shots at extended range, even in marginal conditions.

Click Here for complete manufacturer's specs:
http://www.swarovskioptik.com/hunting/z6i-c20050107/z6-3-18x50-p-l-plex-p5006381 ,,,,


The Schmidt & Bender 5-25X56 PMII is already a legend the world over.

I prefer this particular scope for our long range XTLR rifles, where overall rifle weight is not a factor, with P3L reticle (mil-dot illuminated).

Schmidt & Bender Schmidt & Bender

With bullet drop compensator calibration out to 1,500+ yards, you may run out of rangefinder accuracy before you run out of scope dial!

Schmidt & Bender Schmidt & Bender

Click Here for complete manufacturer's specs: http://www.schmidtundbender.de/en/products/police-and-military-forces/5-25x56-pm-iilp.html ,,,,

Either of these scopes will provide you with the finest optical quality available, along with precision assembly, fit, finish and overall build quality that is second to none.

The prices below INCLUDE a custom calibrated drop compensator dialed-in for your specific rifle caliber & load.

For Lazzeroni rifle customers, this drop compensator will be verified at both 300 & 1000 yards prior to rifle delivery.

cleardot.gif (49 bytes) SWZ6-3-18X50-BT
(4W-Reticle, Side-Para, 30mm Tube)
cleardot.gif (49 bytes) SBPM-5-25X56-PMII
(P3L-Reticle, Illuminated, CM-CL-Dials, Side-Para, 34mm Tube)