LazerHead Premium Hunting Bullets from Lazzeroni
John Lazzeroni (Lazzeroni), Randy Brooks (Barnes), and Robbie Barrkman (Robar) have combined their engineering talents to bring you the world's finest premium hunting bullet, the new Lazzeroni LazerHead

They feature:
Unsurpassed Terminal Performance
Unsurpassed Terminal PerformanceAll copper/brass (no-lead) expanding bullet configuration to provide devastating expansion and 95%+ weight retention regardless of impact velocity.

Boat Tail Design with high ballistic coefficient and sectional density values for superior long range performance.

Multiple Base Cannelure Rings to enhance accuracy and shot-to-shot consistency over a wide range of muzzle velocities. (Except .338" diameter)

Industry Leading Bullet Lubrication After being manufactured dimensionally undersized, a high tech (NP3) lubricant is then electroplated onto each bullet to further improve accuracy, shot-to-shot consistency and provide longer barrel life, without flaking, rubbing off or causing excessive lubricant buildup in the barrel.

LazerHead Premium Hunting Bullets from Lazzeroni
LazerHead Premium Hunting Bullets from Lazzeroni
LazerHead Premium Hunting Bullets from Lazzeroni
Lead Free Composition
to help protect
our shooting ranges and the environment.
You cannot buy a better premium
hunting bullet at any price than
the Lazzeroni LazerHead!
Caliber   Actual
7mm .284"
139 gr .486 .246
30 .308"
150 gr .428 .226
338 .338"
185 gr .437 .231

Price List
(50 per box)
      LLH284-139 (.284 Cal, 139GR) $79.99
      LLH308-150 (.308 Cal, 150GR) $79.99
      LLH338-185 (.338 Cal, 185GR)

Why Shoot the LazerHead?